7th Path Self Hypnosis

The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is a new form of self improvement that combines the effectiveness of self hypnosis, meditation and prayer.

7th path self hypnosis system is a life tool, which helps you take back control of your life while empowering you at the same time. It is a hypnosis based on meditation and a spiritually directed form of self hypnosis. 7th path self hypnosis was developed by Calvin Banyan as a result of thousands of hours of therapy work with client in hypnosis. In careful observation on many clients who were making the positive changes they came to make, it was noted what kind of insights led to success. People who have experience doing a form of meditation will notice right away that there’s a profound leap forward compared to other classical forms of meditation and self hypnosis.

Some aspects of the process are like an anti virus program. The program will remove the limiting and destructive beliefs that you have picked up during your life, for instance: bad habits, beliefs of limitation, painful emotions and so forth. This is very important as we can also call this process as “emptying of the cup”. Once you have emptied your cup, you are now ready and open to make positive changes in your life that can be seen in the form of more confidence, improved relationships, better communication, stronger self esteem and also getting rid of bad habits. If you want to, you can also find your purpose and calling in life!

The 7th path self hypnosis has a mind – body – spirit connection and is in harmony with all religious and spiritual beliefs. It is designed to incorporate your own belief system in the process. It is not important to have a spiritual belief system to benefit from the process, you will still make great progress in the areas of your life and in what you wish to enhance.

How can 7th path self hypnosis help you?

Practising 7th path will help overcoming bad habits like: smoking, drinking, fears, mood swings, stress, but it will also enhance your concentration and focus, or even help you dealing with those sleepless nights. You will also find that you will be more emotionally, mentally and physically balanced. 7th path self hypnosis will help you move towards a more wholesome and comfortable life.